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Comparison Tool F.A.Q.

Q: Where is all the data from the GPS Comparison Tool gathered from?

We gather the data you see on the GPS Comparison Tool from the manufacturer's websites and occasionally other trusted sources.

Q: How often is the GPS Comparison Tool updated?

We try to update the list of GPS models on a monthly basis, but this isn’t always possible. If you want to help us you can suggest GPS devices that we haven’t yet added using the contact form.

Q: How accurate is the information from the GPS Comparison Tool?

The information in this GPS comparison tool is believed to be accurate however, Maps-GPS-Info.com cannot be responsible for any consequences due to incorrect data.

Q: How could I send you a suggestion or a GPS navigation system that is not implemented in the tool?

You can send a suggestion or a GPS navigation system that is not implemented in the tool using the contact form.

Q: Why am I limited to compare only 5 GPS units?

The tool is limited to a maximum of 5 units so that users with monitors set at lower resolutions are able to see the comparison results easily.

Q: Why are some of the cells of the table colored green or red?

We use the colors to make it easy for you to spot if a GPS device has a feature you are looking for or not. If that feature is present, the corresponding cell will be colored GREEN, if not it will be colored RED.

Q: I accidentally clicked on the “X” next to a column and it disappeared. How can I bring it back?

To bring back a column that has disappeared simply refresh the page.

Q: Some of the links from the “Check for lowest price” row don’t point to relevant results. Why is that?

From time to time a GPS model can be is discontinued from by its manufacturer and then the online stores remain without any stock for that product. When the “Check for lowest price” link doesn’t point to any relevant results please contact us.

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